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Let’s go.

Hi, I am Wan. Let’s go to visit Yangshuo…


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Local food.

Guilin rice noodles

According to history, Guilin Mifen (or rice noodle) derives from the Qin dynasty, more than 200 years ago. It is said that Guilin Mifen was produced by the soldiers in the Qin dynasty. To integrate China, the Qin emperor (Qin Shihuang) sent many soldiers to battlefields in the south. The soldiers from the North ate mostly noodles, and were not used to rice meals in Southern places like Yangshuo and Guilin, so to solve the problem, the general found a way to make the rice into something delicious. This dish became very popular among the Guilin and Yangshuo people.

This dish is usually eaten as a soup. The noodles are made of rice and are served with some minced meat (often you can choose between several kinds of meat) and peanuts or dried beans. To your own taste you can add spring onions, spices and pickled vegetables. The local Yangshuo people like it very spicy


Yang shuo Beer Fish

For its special taste and cooking method, Beer Fish is one of the most famous dishes in Yangshuo. It’s made with a fish from one of the local rivers in a blend of spices, herbs, tomato, celery, mushrooms and of course, beer.

This dish can be made with any kind of fish from the local rivers, but is best with a carp, because the carp is fat but not greasy. First, gut the fish, but do not scrape off the scales; Second, put some soy sauce on it and then fry it with ginger and garlic till the scale turns yellow; Then put some tomato, green pepper, celery, mushroom, sour pepper and oyster sauce into the pan. Of course, don’t forget the most important thing: beer!


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Where to stay.

Yangshuo Magnolia Hotel

Magnolia is a beautiful, first-class hotel in the heart of Yangshuo. Open-plan, Ming dynasty inspired decor makes the perfect place to unwind, relax and enjoy your Yangshuo experience. With spacious rooms and soft luscious beds, the Magnolia is an ideal place to retire after a night out in the popular West Street — a stone’s throw from the hotel. We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Magnolia hotel. Various room types, including standard room, deluxe room, family suite, and deluxe suite are equipped with modern facilities such as air conditioning, cable TV, DDD, private bathroom, etc. To the airport: 88km To the railway station: 60km To downtown: 62km
Address:No.7 Diecui Road, Yangshuo


The Sovereign Hotel of Yangshuo

The Sovereign Hotel, a regal, 3-star hotel for foreign guests, is located in the Ding’e Square of Yangshuo. The transportation is very convenient. The hotel is close to many scenic spots: Lijiang River, Bilian Mountain, and Shutong Hill. It is about five hundred meters to the famous Foreigner Street.  For the facilities, there is a business center which offers type service, copy service, fax service, ticket service and tour service, conference rooms, various restaurants, a beauty salon, a shopping arcade, karaoke, parking and so on. With elegant surroundings, well-equipped facilites and enthusiastic service, the Sovereign Hotel is ideal. The hotel boasts 202 guest rooms, including 162 standard twins, 19 deluxe doubles, 3 triples, 4 four-bed rooms, 8 business, 1 deluxe suite and so on.
Address:No. 28 Guan Lian Road, Yangshuo


Yangshuo Regency Holiday Hotel

The Yangshuo Regency Holiday Hotel, built accorrding to four-star standards, was opened in May 2003. It lies at the head of West Street, by the bank of the Lijiang River in Yangshuo Town, (located at the entrance of the famous West Street and on the opposite side of the Paradise Yangshuo Resort). There are 70 nice and comfortable guest rooms including standard rooms and suites. The restaurants offers Chinese and western food. A perfect choice for leisure or business travel, Yangshuo Regency Holiday Hotel is an international hotel, in the ancient Yangshuo Town, with 70 well-appointed rooms & suites. All rooms are equipped with air-conditioning facilities, IDD, mini bar, alarm clock,color television, electronic locks, bath and Shower, etc. The Chinese restaurant is sure to tempt you with its varied menu of Cantonese & local Yangshuo delicacies. Western dishes can also be found at the coffee shop, where you can enjoy a beverage in our lobby bar. It is located in the city center. About 90 km from the airport. About 60 km from the railway station.
Address:West Street, Yangshuo, Guilin, Guangxi

Yangshuo Tulip Holiday Hotel

Tulip Holiday Hotel is situated in the center of scenic Yangshuo county, five minutes away from the world famous West Street, near a lovely stream. In addition to the unique atmosphere, Tulip Holiday Hotel professional team offers you superb service, opulent warmth, and personal attention to ensure that your stay is a memorable one. For a holiday of leaisure, the Tulip Holiday Hotel is a perfect choice. Constructed on the Xilang hillside, the hotel blends modern art with the best of western comfort and eastern romanticism in unsurpassed accommodations. Tulip Holiday Hotel has 4 kinds of diverse guest rooms. Each room is equipped with a large balcony, central air-conditioning, IDD/DDD, broadband Internet, etc.

To the airport: 79km To the railway station: 57km To downtown: 0km
Address:No.17 Diecui Road, Yangshuo, Guilin



Yangshuo Imperial City Hotel

The name Imperial City refers to the palace where the Emperor lives. Therefore the hotel is designed according to ancient palacial standards, affording a luxurious, quiet, and comfortable abode. The Imperial City Hotel is located on the world-famous « West Street » in Yangshuo, between the « Double Moon Stream » and the « Green Lotus Hill ». Directly across from the hotel you will see the beautiful « Lijiang River ». There are a total of 43 rooms, which include deluxe rooms, standard rooms with queen size beds, and standard doubles with 2 single beds. Rooms facing the east overlook the Lingjiang River. Rooms facing the south not only take in the « Green Lotus Hill » landscape but also a multitude of other moutains in the distance. If you are planning a trip to Yangshuo and want to stay in a first-class hotel, this hotel is no doubt the first choice for you. The Imperial City Hotel offers many kinds of Chinese and Western-style eating and drinking options.
Address:No.9 Bin Jiang Road Yangshuo China


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What to see in Yangshuo.

a.Moon hill


Moon hill which is known as “the charming hill under the heaven”

“fairland hill and magic hill”.there is a big ,round hole penetrating through top of the moon hil from north to looks just like a full moon .peple can climb to the top of moon hill by a small path  which is made up of about 800 stairs paved in marble.different shapes of half moon.crescent and full moon will be appearing if looking at different positions.


b.West Street


It is the oldest street in Yangshuo with a history of more than 1,400 years. Situated at the center of Yangshuo County, West Street has become, since the 1980’s, a window of eastern and western culture and the biggest ‘foreign language center’ in China. West Street is the most prosperous district in Yangshuo, and, each year, approximately 100,000 foreigners come here on their travels or to attend advanced studies. Visitors are attracted to West Street by its unique mix of cultures.



c.’Impression Sanjie Liu’


The first chapter is the Red Impression: Folk Songs. On the water, many fishermen are rowing their bamboo rafts in a column. Either standing or squatting, they hang the large red silk in the sky and or upon the water. This red picture symbolizes the enthusiasm and praises the labors of the local people.


The second chapter is the Green Impression: Garden. The color green symbolizes nature as well as the vitality. Among the green hills and rivers, the smoke from cooking fires curls upward; herders are heading home with their cattle under the gleam of the sunset. The women, washing clothes beside the water are waiting for their husbands who are rowing the fishing rafts back home. This chapter reveals the peaceful and happy life of the local people.

The third chapter is the Golden Impression: Fishing Lights. Hundreds of bamboo rafts with golden fishing lights are spreading all over the river. The rafts, gently rocking make the golden fishing lights dance upon the waters, the straw rain capes, the frolic cormorants and the hills construct a perfect picture describing the simple existence of the people around the Li River.

The fourth chapter is the Blue Impression: Love Songs. Under the deep blue sky, and on the dark blue water, the performer of Sanjie is singing classical love songs. Then, a crescent-shaped boat with a charming fairy dancing in is flying onto the surface of the water. A group of pretty and young girls, dressed in red or white are bathing around the boat. In this blue world, these beautiful girls seem to become the notes of Sanjie’s love songs.

The last chapter is the Silvery Impression: Performance Grand Ceremony. As the ‘Wonder of Lijiang Culture’, this scenery reflects the traditional ceremony in Sanjie’s hometown according to the legend. Over 200 Zhuang girls form a long column across the bridge over the Li River. Their silver dresses make the river shimmer in a mysterious manner.


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What to do in Yangshuo.


Day Tours and Hire

There is no better way to explore the countryside surrounding Yangshuo than on a bike, and for those looking for a quality mountain bike, we have bikes available for hire from our office in town. As well as well-maintained mountain bikes we also provide helmets, bike locks, maps, knowledgeable local guide as well as great advice on cycling in the region. If you want to explore the sights and scenery with the company and local knowledge of one our excellent local guide or if you wish to get right off the map and ride into the hills by yourself we have the equipment and knowledge to get you there.



Yangshuo is the most centralized Karst landscape in the world, most of the mountains are made from of limestone, with the movement of the earth and chemical reaction, most of caves underground were created,some of caves are really magnificent and fabulous, and it’s worth to explore and seek novelty. there are two different kinds of caves in of the cave is only for the tourists to have a look, such as Yangshuo silver cave and Guilin Reed Flute cave,those two cave were decorated very well by many beautiful lights. the another is aboriginal cave ,Such as Yangshuo water cave and Moon water cave,though it operates by the local people,but it can bring many funs to the tourists.for example,it’s very cool inside in summer and warm in winter than outside, meanwhile, you can take a mud bath(the mud is very good to your skin) or swimming inside the cave.



There are plenty of good walks around Yangshuo and often it is simply a matter of grabbing some water and heading off out of town in any direction! One of our recommended hikes is the Yangdi to XingPing hike. Around four to six hours in duration, this hike will take you through the best scenery along the Li River . we can take you through this walk to make sure you get the most out of the experience. Included is a local guide. You will be required to pay for a local bus to and from the hike, food and water for the day, ferry crossings and any incidentals.



A great option to spend some spare time in Yangshuo is to kayak along the Li River. You won’t find any white-water but theres no more a tranquil activity than a paddle along the river in rural China, especially on those hot summer days! A kayaking session lasts for typically around 2 hours with a drop off at the start and you’ll be met at the end of the paddle and shown to a local bus for your return to Yangshuo. Included is transport to the start-point, kayak and life-vest. Guides can be arranged upon request at an extra cost.